Bowker Technology
Our sophisticated systems control all transport and warehousing activities and enable us to receive data from customers in a wide range of electronic formats which can be fed directly into our system.
Customers can place orders online using our secure easy-to-use online portal.   

Bowker’s Warehouse and Traffic Management Systems have been designed to reduce manual intervention. The easy to use, secure platforms are comprehensive in detail but are very easy to use - only the displaying the information that is useful to you and your business. Our customer services team are always on hand if speaking to another human is the preferred option.

Each company we work with have slightly differing objectives and goals. That’s why our fully customisable warehouse and transport systems can generate tailor made KPIs and reports. Reports can be automated to be sent monthly, weekly or even daily. Our KPI reporting tools cover an array logistic indicators , many of which help customers streamline their operation. For example; key distribution locations by postcode, city, county or country; seasonal trends in goods in and out and the average cost distribution by product lines.

Unlike many other systems provided by 3PL companies, our IT systems use real time data capture. This means, as soon as a pallet has been dispatched customers have full visibility. There are no data lags or unnecessary waiting times, what you see on your portal is accurate.

As well as Providing a full EDI solution, we offer the capability of allowing Transport Bookings and Warehouse orders to be placed via our online portal which place the directly into our Warehouse and Transport Management Systems. This allows bookings and orders to be processed with minimal intervention from Bowker Employees – saving your organisation valuable time. Many customers consider our IT systems as an extension of their own internal operation – often reducing the need to purchase expensive third party IT solutions.

Driver Technology Systems
  • Electronic driver daily vehicle check and defect system
  • Real time consignment status updates and POD’s
  • Tachograph - real time link, auto-download and analysis
  • CAN Bus data integration – provides driver behaviour analysis identifying training needs
  • Real time fuel monitoring and exception reporting

    Our bespoke system provides full stock visibility and traceability from receipt of goods to dispatch and delivery. Crucially, this includes online POD confirmation.

    Our bespoke system allows the capability to scan 3rd party barcodes as well as our own. This ability enables full pallet traceability through our Warehouse and Transport Management systems.

    Real-time digital signature capture enables us to provide up to date delivery confirmation.

    Thanks to our EDI integration process, there is no need for manual intervention to place orders, or receive updates for receipts and dispatch. Our IT infrastructure allows software, operating on different platforms, to interact seamlessly.

    The software has been developed ‘in-house’ by our own software developers and provides customers with the facility to live track deliveries, view, save or print signed PODs and also view their transaction history and KPIs.
    Our UK fleet are equipped with the latest satellite technology which not only allows us to keep track of vehicle activities but also enables intelligent route planning saving valuable time and fuel.