Logistics driven by technology

Developed by our in-house IT experts, Bowker’s customer interfaces combine state-of-the-art technology, IT expertise and in-depth knowledge of logistics within specialist industries.

Our Transport & Warehouse Management Systems use real-time data, providing valuable insights and end-to-end traceability. Our IT adds value; is fully adaptable and can be integrated into any company software.

Warehouse Operative

From the satellite tracking software used on our fleet of vehicles to customised KPI warehouse reporting tools, Bowker are committed to providing customers with real-time data that offers value to their day-to-day operation.

Bowker’s bespoke stock management and transport systems are tailored to meet individual customer requirements. As customer’s objectives evolve, our team of in-house IT experts tailor the insights and reporting tools to meet those needs.

  • Online Warehouse & transport management systems
  • Automated KPI reporting
  • Real-time data access
  • Online vehicle tracking
  • Bar code scanning
  • Online ETA and digital signatures
  • EDI integration
Transport Management System (TMS)

Transport Management System (TMS)

Through effective vehicle planning built using real-time data and tracking capabilities, Bowker’s Transport Management System provides customers with full visibility.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Status updates
  • ETA & ePOD capture
  • Automated customer alerts
  • KPI and insight reporting
Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Each of our distribution centres utilise barcode scanning functionality with warehouse operators using hand-held scanning devices. By harnessing this technology we’re able to read customer’s labels, providing instant visibility of stock and full traceability. Any discrepancies can be identified upon receipt and immediately reported to the customer.

Our online web portal provides customers with a direct interface into our WMS allowing for time-critical dispatch, product quarantine and more.

EDI integration

EDI integration

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of documents in a electronic format between partners. In most cases, customers placing orders for transport/warehousing at large volume will prefer to work with an EDI in place to remove manual data entry. Our team of developers can integrate Bowker’s WMS & TMS with any system to ensure seamless two-way communication is in place.

Customisable reporting, KPIs and operational insights

Customisable reporting, KPIs and operational insights

Our customisable reporting suit can be adapted to meet the objectives of very specific customer requirements. From basic reporting such as pick accuracy and OTIF deliveries to multi-layered reporting such as identifying stock by batch, best before dates, part-picked stock and sales by area code.

Forklift CCTV Scanning at Palletline - recording freight as it moves through the network.

Forklift CCTV Scanning at Palletline - recording freight as it moves through the network.

By introducing cameras on handling equipment, Palletline have enhanced tracking capabilities by using CCTV and barcoding technology.

CCTV Scanning is activated when a pallet is unloaded from the inbound vehicle. The system logs the barcode on the label and books the pallet in at the hub. The CCTV camera records the pallet’s journey from trailer to bay and the process is repeated when the pallet is loaded to the outbound trailer. Every recording is accessible on Palletline’s portal meaning customer queries can be dealt with swiftly.

Driver technology systems

Driver technology systems

Each of our drivers are equipped with a smart phone which contains Bowker’s daily vehicle check and defect system app. Before the driver embarks on the their journey, they must complete the vehicle safety check by recording the information on the app. This ensures the vehicle is without defect and compliant.

Tachograph data is gathered on each journey providing; driver behaviour analysis, monitoring fuel consumption, recording green-band driving, exception reporting and identifying any training requirements.

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