Bowker are shareholder members of Palletline, the UK’s only member-owned network and the original palletised freight distribution company.

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Bowker are proud members of Palletline, the UK’s only member-owned network and the original palletised freight distribution company. Created in 1992 the network operates through carefully selected members who work collaboratively to provide the best possible services to our customers.

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Reliable and cost-effective delivery

Palletline services are designed to offer a reliable and cost-effective delivery. Through the successful combination of smart technology, industry leading innovation and quality checks to add value to your business.

Regardless of whether it’s a single pallet or large consignment, we have a range of services available to ensure palletised goods are delivered safely, reliably and quickly.

Palletline continually invests in the development of market leading technology. Full Track and Trace systems offers total transparency and provides complete confidence as pallets can be tracked during every step of their journey.

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Unrivalled quality control & Industry leading quality

As part of the quality control process, each pallet is scanned at least five times during dispatch through to delivery. This means customers can see where their goods are, in real time; when they will reach the depot as well as the overall progress of their journey, including ETAs. Combined with our digital signature capture on delivery, a POD is usually available within minutes of completion.

Palletline offers industry leading quality giving our customers the confidence that their deliveries will be made on time and in full. Continuous innovation ensures our customers have a leading edge in today's challenging and competitive environment.

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Deliveries into Amazon fulfilment centres

Bowker’s customers enjoy the benefits of Palletline’s unique partnership with Amazon. Palletline are the only UK pallet network selected for Amazon’s Inbound Preferred Carrier Programme (IPCP). Dedicated Amazon teams consolidate inbound freight and deliver into nationwide Amazon Fulfilment Centres with fixed delivery time slots.

The reliable service simplifies and speeds up the delivery process to Amazon fulfilment centres FCs and reduces risks of financial penalties. Additionally, our dedicated support team handle the entire booking process for you, seamlessly transporting your inbound freight from collection point to FC.

  • Daily fixed slots at all Amazon Fulfilment Centres
  • Reduce risk of penalties
  • Minimises administrative tasks – Palletline’s central team take care of the bookings
  • Quicker, more efficient and fully compliant deliveries
  • Optimised transportation flow thanks to consolidation
  • Reduce carbon footprint- using the network model reduces mileage and fuel consumption
Amazon delivery
Journey of an Amazon pallet

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