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The International Air Transport Association

Bowker are members of The International Air Transport Association (IATA). The association supports aviation with global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.

We also have 'Known Consignor' status which means we are permitted to dispatch air freight from source, in our case from our warehouse. Known consignor status directly benefits our customers who use this mode of transport as the consignment can be transported by air without the need to apply any further security measures.

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Advantages of air freight

Advantages of air freight

When intercontinental consignments are time time-critical, using air freight is a great solution compared to sea freight or road transport.

Undoubtable the costs are higher but this mode of transport allows businesses to distribute consignments almost anywhere in the world.

Generally, air freight is extremely reliable, airlines adhere to rigid arrival and departure schedules. Air freight offers high levels of security and traceability when compared to sea freight.

Bowker support a wide range of industries with air freight solutions including world-leading chemical manufacturers and pharmaceutical distributors.

Deep sea shipping defined

Deep sea shipping defined

Deep sea shipping is a term used to denote the maritime transport of commercial goods via intercontinental routes.

Advantages of sea freight

Over long distances, sea freight provides distributors with an economical solution when comparing the pricing to air freight. Vessels are designed to carry large volumes of freight meaning smaller consignments can be grouped together providing a significant cost saving. A major advantage of using sea freight is shipping lines have the ability to handle oversized or heavy freight and vessels are designed to safely handle hazardous material. Sea freight shipping is the most carbon-efficient mode of long distance transport and with greater energy efficiency than any other form of international transportation.

  • A lower environmental impact compared to air freight
  • Economical solution compared to air freight
  • Typical industries we support; chemical, dangerous goods, machinery, machinery bulk shipments

How the process works for both sea and air

  • Our team of experts then liaise directly with a host of Airline/Shipping companies to explore the best rates and possible routes.
  • We will then provide you with the best quote using the information you have provided and talk you through the details, timelines and the partners we intend to use.
  • Once the job is confirmed, we will then organise collection, shipping & delivery as per your requirements.
  • We have full tracking capabilities on the goods in transport meaning we can provide you with regular and accurate updates.

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