Sustainable logistics

Bowker has long been committed to making sure our operation acts in a sustainable and responsible manner. We are committed to integrating environmental management within company policies, procedures and objectives. We recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment and sustainability.

Harnessing technology for fuel-efficient planning

We closely follow legislation and codes of practice, regularly reviewing and improving how we work. We liaise with suppliers, customers and colleagues to advance environmental management across Bowker’s supply chain. Harnessing technology for fuel-efficient planning and continuous investment within our fleet is critical to ensure our impact on the environment is reduced.

As well as a Environmental Policy, many of our accreditations consider sustainability as a key part of their framework.

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Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability

SQAS assessments cover sustainability in logistics, including quality, environmental, security, safety and Corporate Social Responsibility. SQAS an assessment system that provides a detailed factual assessment report. The reports allow companies to evaluate their logistics service providers according to their own standards and requirements. Read more on

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Efficient fleet & vehicle replacement programme

Bowker’s fleet of vehicles has Euro 6 engines which is the latest standard that all new engines must be compliant with.

Bowker continually invests within the fleet, with vehicle replacement programmes covering each distribution centre. Volvo FH 460 i-Save tractor units were added to the fleet in 2020, the new turbo compound engines were the first of their kind to enter the fleet harnessing the latest fuel-efficient technology.

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Long-term commercial partners

Bowker’s partnership with Volvo began in 1972. We have enjoyed the benefits of a strong commercial partnership since. Environmental care has been Volvo’s core value since the 1970s and has reduced emission of air pollutants from new Volvo trucks by 90%. Their new technology has decreased fuel consumption and climate impact by 40%.

Bowker’s modern Volvo fleet is fuel-efficient, around a third of the materials in a new Volvo truck come from recycled materials.


Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS SILVER)

Bowker are FORS Silver accredited. FORS stands for Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and is a voluntary accreditation scheme for hauliers. The scheme aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

Many urban, inner-city delivery points, including local authorities, will request deliveries are made by a FORS accredited operator. As Bowker a FORS silver operator, customer have peace of mind Bowker demonstrate our commitment to exceeding the industry standard in safety and environmental protection.

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Operation Clean Sweep

In 2022 Bowker signed up to the Operation Clean Sweep programme.

The programme is an international initiative from the plastics industry to reduce plastic pellet loss to the environment. In the UK it is led by the British Plastics Federation.

The initiative’s aim is to ensure that the plastic pellets, flakes and powders that pass through manufacturing facilities in the UK are handled with the care they deserve and do not end up in our rivers or seas.


Regional hubs and their positive impact

Bowker are shareholder members of Palletline. Palletline’s multi-hub model means that its members can input freight into local regional depot, reducing the distance travelled by 4.5 million miles, when compared to operating into one central hub. Over a 12-month period, that’s a reduction of 7.5 tonnes of CO2.

Palletline operate to ISO standards 14001:2015 and 50001 supporting member’s aims to reduce environmental impact. Palletline are committed to achieving these standards, which require year-on-year improvements in order to retain the accreditations, and have already cut energy usage by almost 20%.

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Our distribution centres

We understand our distribution centres and logistics hubs can have an effect on the environment and we are committed to reducing their impact through installing solar panels, motion-activated low-energy lighting, waste reduction and recycling.

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