Battery Storage & Warehousing Solutions

At Bowker, we offer secure storage and handling of batteries in our COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) warehousing facilities across the UK by prioritising safety and efficiency.

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Storing batteries safely and securely

Ensuring the optimal storage of batteries is paramount to maintaining their performance and adhering to strict safety standards. Several critical factors, including temperature, humidity, and appropriate packaging, must be carefully managed to store batteries safely.

At Bowker, our commitment to excellence extends to comprehensive warehouse operative training, industry-leading technology & setting industry standards within our COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) facilities. Bowker was recently announced as the Chemical Business Association's Responsible Care Award winner, a reflection of the high standards we maintain.

Lithium Ion Battery Storage & Warehousing

Bowker specialises in the storage of lithium-ion batteries, through specialised training and leading industry technology. Our expertise enables us to safely store and manage large quantities of lithium-ion batteries in our warehouses. We prioritise safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry regulations to provide reliable storage solutions for our clients' battery needs.

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Training and Compliance

Bowker continuously invest in staff training, providing warehouse operatives and local management teams with the knowledge and equipment required for the safe storage, and handling of various battery types.

As a rapidly growing sector, our on-going training initiatives allow our COMAH operations to adhere to new regulation, adapting to changes in safety and compliance standards for the safe storage and handling of batteries.

Different battery types pose unique challenges for warehousing solutions, making training imperative. Lithium-ion batteries demand strict temperature control due to their sensitivity to overheating. Lead-acid batteries, commonly used in the automotive industry, require specialised handling protocols to manage their weight and mitigate the risk of acid leaks. Nickel-metal hydride batteries, found in various devices, require strict procedures to be followed to prevent performance deterioration and possible leakage.

  • Electric vehicles batteries
  • Renewable battery storage
  • Lead acid, lithium-ion and nickel batteries
  • Used batteries/waste recycling
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Waste Battery Storage

Bowker's comprehensive battery storage solutions extends to the management of waste and used batteries. Accredited through a specialised waste license, we demonstrate a commitment to stringent environmental standards and legal compliance. Our local teams undergo specialised training, equipping them with the expertise to handle hazardous waste safely and efficiently.

Leveraging cutting-edge industry technology, Bowker employs advanced storage methodologies, ensuring the secure containment of waste batteries within our facilities.

Our waste license is a testament to our dedication to environmentally responsible practices. This license underscores our commitment to the legal and ecological aspects of waste management, emphasising the safe and responsible handling of batteries throughout the entire supply chain cycle.

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Battery Distribution

Bowker stands at the forefront of efficient and secure battery product distribution, leveraging its specialised ADR fleet. Our staff and fleet are trained and fully equipped to handle the transportation of hazardous materials, ensuring the safe delivery of battery products to various destinations both nationally and across Europe.

James Ganley - COMAH Warehousing Director

COMAH Warehousing Director - Q&A

Last year we sat down with our COMAH warehousing director, who overseas all the operations across all our COMAH warehouses. During this Q&A, we spoke to him about his own personal history, and what he believes sets us apart.

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