Deep Sea and Air Freight

Bowker led the way into Europe in 1961 and remain a major provider of international transport services carrying a wide range of goods to and from most destinations in Europe.


We are now providing sea and air freight solutions to our customers who distribute worldwide.

Time critical shipments
Increased tracking abilities
Typical industries/goods: medical, confectionary,
high value goods.
A lower environmental impact compared to Air Freight
Typically lower cost compared to Air Freight
Typical industries/goods: chemicals, dangerous
goods, machinery, bulk shipments.
5 simple steps to get started
In order to supply you with a quote, we will need the weight and dimensions of the goods, the collection & delivery locations as well as desired dates.
Our team of experts then liaise directly with a host of Airline/Shipping companies to explore the best rates and routes
We will then provide you with the best quote using the information you have provided and talk you through the details, timelines and the partners we intend to use
If the rates provided are acceptable please confirm you would like to proceed with the order. We will then organise collection, shipping & delivery as per your requirements
We have full tracking capabilities on the goods in transport meaning we can provide you with regular and accurate updates