FMCG Warehousing & Transport Solutions

Bowker Transport provides full FMCG supply chain services and solutions to the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector such as BRC-Accredited Food-Grade Warehousing, delivering an award-winning service supported by industry-leading technology.

Food-Grade Warehousing

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FMCG Logistics & Transportation

Bowker provides a full range of supply chain services to the FMCG sector, delivering an award-winning service supported by industry-leading technology. With Bowker's extensive history and large market profile, we are the ideal logistics partner to support our clients for their FMCG. Bowker has 11 distribution locations, 225 Vehicles and 450 trailers; we are perfectly positioned to enable a rapid and effective solution for our customers. With transport solutions both nationally and internationally, we possess the resources to meet our customers needs.

FMCG Full Supply Chain Management

FMCG Full Supply Chain Management

Bowker stands out as a leader in providing end-to-end supply chain management solutions tailored to the unique needs of Fast Moving Consumer Goods clients. Bowker's expertise ensures a streamlined and efficient journey for FMCG products, optimising processes to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market. With multiple warehousing options in the UK, and a large fleet, Bowker are perfectly positioned to help with you FMCG needs.

The benefits of using Bowker for your FMCG requirements

The benefits of using Bowker for your FMCG requirements

Through Bowker's history, we have been a major logistics provider for companies FMCG.

  • Leading industry technology
  • 11 distribution centres across the UK
  • Shareholder members of Palletline
  • Hazchem members
  • AA BRC-accredited Food Grade Warehousing
  • MHRA Warehousing
  • COMAH Warehosuing
  • Track and Trace
  • Pick and Pack

FMCG stands for 'Fast Moving Consumer Goods'. Examples of these are everyday products such as toiletries, food and household goods that have a rapid turnover rate; hence 'Fast Moving'.

The FMCG sector is estimated to be worth over £134 billion annually. Choosing a reliable and cost-effective distributor such as Bowker Transport is imperative to maximise your efficiency.

When referring to FMCG solutions/services as 'Full Supply Chain', this includes end-to-end control and management from transportation, distribution and storage in our BRC-Accredited warehousing facilities across the UK.



Bowker is committed to sustainable logistics solutions that align with the environmental and social responsibilities of modern businesses. Our supply chain management for FMCG includes HVO fuelled transportation options, optimised routes, and energy-efficient warehousing practices. This not only reduces the carbon footprint but also enhances overall supply chain resilience. As FMCG companies strive for growth, Bowker's sustainable logistics solutions can easily adapt to changing volumes, ensuring a flexible and responsive supply chain that supports business expansion while maintaining operational excellence.

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